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Are you holding too much CASH in a very low paying interest rate account?

Grow your Cash Capital by at least 20% per annum - probably more - TAX FREE UNDER ISA

Currently CASH is earning around 0.50% interest per annum.

At this rate of interest it will take 144 YEARS to DOUBLE the CASH CAPITAL


Investing in fully researched very LOW RISK investment funds could DOUBLE the CASH CAPITAL under FOUR Years

We have access to around 290 Fund Categories (Sectors) covering around 63,000 funds

It is sensible to build up cash to deal with any unexpected emergencies BUT by holding too much cash you are opening up to inflation risk

Invest into FULLY RESEARCHED, VERY LOW RISK, TRANSPARENT investment STOCKS AND SHARES ISA FUNDS and watch your INVESTED CAPITAL grow beyond your imagination in the shortest possible period

The most relevant funds for any investor are Equity Related Funds for growth purpose

We offer access to 14 different fund categories (sectors) covering around 5200 plus funds - Please visit FUND CATEGORIES page

Against each FUND CATEGORY (SECTOR) we have provided growth figure of the past 12 months. Please visit FUND CATEGORIES page

If you need any further guidance or assistance TALK TO US we are here to help you all the way to grow your CASH capital tremendously CONTACT US