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Currently (August 2020) the interest rate offered on an Instant Access Savings Account by any major high street bank is just 0.01%.

This means THAT with a savings of £10,000, the saver will earn ONLY £1 in gross interest after ONE year!

Need a solution?


We believe every prospective investor needs TWO most solid evidence before taking any action prior to investing.

These are:

  • How and where the money will be invested (with proof)
  • The RISK element - again with some concrete evidence.

We have explained this in a very simple and easy to understand manner under FUND INFORMATION and RISK pages.

Money invested in fully regulated UK Investment (Mutual) Funds could have grown anything from 9.89% to 104.47% over the past 12 months depending on the Fund/s selected.

This means an investment of £10,000.00, under ISA, would have grown from £10,989.00 to £20,447.00 TAX FREE - in just ONE YEAR (Period: 01.10.2019 - 30.09.2020). Please remember past performance is not a guide to future returns.

There is a simple and educated way to grow capital substantially
Take the first step of making a small investment of just £1000.00
Whole family - Mum, Dad and children including a ONE DAY OLD CHILD can take the advantage
Give your children the most precious gift of their life


  • No tying in period
  • View investment progress online - 24/7
  • Withdraw partial/full market value of investment without penalty
  • Add more investment as circumstances permit
  • Create TAX FREE regular income once investment grows
  • Professionally Managed - Maximum Diversity - Low risk to Capital

Already have a Stocks and Shares ISA portfolio?
Have no idea where it is invested or how it is performing?
Want to generate higher growth with low risk to capital?
We will guide you how to carry out the simple procedure

Whether you are an Individual with Cash Savings/ISA, an employee, Self Employed, in a Partnership or Director/s of a corporate company - there is one thing common for everybody when it comes to investing their ISA or PENSION portfolio.

They invest through Funds, wish to take as little risk as possible and aim for maximum growth in order for them to look forward to a better financial future.

We draw every investors attention how different fund category have performed over the last TWELVE months. The examples are based on £10,000 investment.

Please visit POWER OF FUNDS INVESTING and FUND CATEGORIES page for details.

Every investors objective should be to remain invested in Strong Growth Fund Categories. Why settle for a MINI when you can have a ROLCE ROYCE! We provide 100% KNOWLEDGE BASED INFORMATION - easy to understand and implement.

By utilising our service your investment portfolio will always remain on the right track. With the ongoing guidance you receive, we GUARANTEE you will be pleased with the end result.

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