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Currently (August 2020) the interest rate offered on an Instant Access Savings Account by any major high street bank is just 0.01%.

This means THAT with a savings of £10,000, the saver will earn ONLY £1 in gross interest after ONE year!

Need a solution?

If you are in this situation, there is a very SIMPLE SOLUTION.

If your financial goals are FIVE years away or more, leaving ALL the money within cash deposit is NOT always the best option.

All you have to do is to take a small step of taking the benefit of investing in FUNDS - See last paragraph within this box for the result.

Our FULL knowledge based information will guide you how to implement and generate the highest level of CAPITAL GROWTH in the shortest possible period with minimum RISK to capital. Over the time this will add up in a very big way. Please visit POWER OF FUNDS INVESTING page.

How would you feel if £5,000 investment carried out on 30 June 2015, fully diversified, would have grown to £17,605 on 30 June 2020 - IN JUST FIVE YEARS - Tax Free under ISA!

Note: Past performance is NOT a guide to future returns

Whether you are an Individual with Cash Savings/ISA, an employee, Self Employed, in a Partnership or Director/s of a corporate company - there is one thing common for everybody when it comes to investing their ISA or PENSION portfolio.

They invest through Funds, wish to take as little risk as possible and aim for maximum growth in order for them to look forward to a better financial future.

We draw every investors attention how different fund category have performed over the last FIVE years. The examples are based on just £5000 investment. Please visit POWER OF FUNDS INVESTING and FUND CATEGORIES page for details.

Every investors objective should be to remain invested in Strong Growth Fund Categories. Why settle for a MINI when you can have a ROLCE ROYCE! We provide 100% KNOWLEDGE BASED INFORMATION - easy to understand and implement.

By utilising our service your investment portfolio will always remain on the right track. With the ongoing guidance you receive, we GUARANTEE you will be pleased with the end result.

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