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What is the difference between a well-researched investment portfolio and an average investment portfolio?

The following numbers will make you understand the point.

Total Investment Portfolio Value: £1,000.00 carried out on 21 May 2015
Category Selected: Global Large Cap Growth

Example provided based on just one fund - growth value after FIVE years

A well-researched fund generated the growth of £4,949 * - Annualised growth 19.87%
An average fund generated the growth of £2,989 * - Annualised growth 8.37%
The poor fund generated the growth of £2,112 * - Annualised growth 0.11%

Current (25.05.20) average Easy Access Interest Rate offered by FIVE various Easy Access Account type is around 1.10%

*After Fund Manager Initial and ongoing charges

Source: Morningstar / Savings Champion
E. & O. E.

We offer TWO types of service


With all due respect, majority of the fund investors do not realise the difference between an average investment portfolio and a strong investment portfolio.

With the average investment portfolio, if the performance suffers due to stock market volatility, the portfolio holder will normally accept this as part of investment fact of life. This will then take longer to build up the lost value of the portfolio. Sometimes much longer.

A well-researched fund portfolio holder will also see some level of decline in his/her portfolio valuation during the stock market volatility.

However, the difference is, because their selected funds had strong fundamentals, from every possible angle, the lost value of the portfolio will recover very soon.

Stock market volatility is not the only reason why the investment suffers. There are many issues that can affect the performance of the fund. The Fund Fact provides all the information. Please CONTACT US to receive the sample fund fact.

Our FIRST SERVICE helps the potential investors to select the right funds


Every investor will have some good and some bad performing funds within his/her investment portfolio. It is therefore very important to dig deeper and remove the bad performing funds.

Whether the investor wishes to replace any bad performing funds or wish to invest new money, all they have to do is, select the Fund Categories they wish to invest. We will then select the funds from those categories that has strong growth potential going forward. Please visit FUND CATEGORIES page.

We provide choice of 21 Fund Categories covering around 2200+ funds.

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