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The information provided on our website is dedicated to Pension Annuity Income, normally referred to as ANNUITY in simple terms.

It will enhance your knowledge on each type of Annuity available. It will also help you to choose a suitable retirement product appropriate for your needs.

ANNUITY is a very complex subject. We have therefore tried to explain each type in as simple English language as possible.

Once you have studied the information carefully, it will help you to decide on your next move.
However, if you are still not sure on any issue/s and need any clarification, assistance or guidance, please do not hesitate to contact us.
We are here to help you.

Our service is aimed solely for those people who have reached their retirement age, have accumulated personal pension fund value/s (not final salary scheme) and now wish to retire.

In general, people are looking for:

  • What annuity options are open to them
  • Clear explanation of each option
  • Security of guaranteed income
  • Maximum possible income available due to health and lifestyle issue
  • Not to run out of money during their retirement life
  • How to maintain their current lifestyle from the available pension funds
  • Able to select the right product suited to their circumstances
  • Access to detailed fund information
  • Better potential returns from their invested pension fund
  • Back-up support from start to finish

Quick glance at various annuity income routes

FIRST - Tax-Free and Taxable Lump Sums

People can withdraw complete personal pension fund value from their built-up pension account from age 55. The first 25% will be tax free with the remaining 75% subject to income tax. Choosing this route could mean client may run out of money and will have no funds available during their remaining retirement time. Also, a possible large tax bill is likely to put most people off this option.

SECOND - Standard Annuity

Purchase a Standard Annuity- annuity rate selected from the whole of market.
For details please visit ANNUITY page.

THIRD - Enhanced Annuity

Enhanced Annuity can provide up to 75% more pension annuity income - selected from the whole of market. Please visit ENHANCED ANNUITY page.

FOURTH - Income Drawdown

For people wishing to take the Income Drawdown route, after taking the 25% tax free lump sum and selecting a reasonable level of income, the remaining fund value will remain invested. The idea being, over time, let the pension fund value grow by investing in the right type of funds without taking too much risk. Therefore reliable fund information is key for best potential future returns.

Income Drawdown Route

If Income Drawdown route is selected, we also provide most suitable risk-managed fund information to maximize fund growth. This will avoid making dangerous decisions about what to do with the cash. It will also help not to run out of money too early. Please visit FUND SELECTION page.

Finally, in the ANNUAL MANAGEMENT CHARGES page, we have shown how the effects of the charges on investments will eat away the growth of the investments and why this is important to control.

We can assist you in arranging Standard/Enhanced Annuity or Income Drawdown facility. We also provide information from fully researched funds.

If you have any questions or need clarification, please CONTACT us.